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We are Australia's leading Driveworks project implementation service providing company.


With our team of experienced and skilled Driveworks specialists, we help alleviate the anxiety of setting up projects, understanding features and scaling projects inhouse by developing Driveworks projects that are ready to plug and play.


Driveworks implementation projects

With Driveworks Solo or Driveworks Pro Administrator licenses, we automate the generation of SOLIDWORKS models, drawings, DXFs, STEP files, rendered images, quotations, BOMs, Cut-lists and more technical and commercial documents.


Design automation is achieved by applying logical rules for static and dynamic changes within parts and assemblies. These are used with generation tasks and seamless CAD workflows.

Design automation can free up your engineering and design team from mundane and repetitive drafting tasks, allowing them to focus on more value adding activities


Our team of experts are wizards with the Driveworks Pro modules and know exactly how to host the configurator with desired user interface, allowing system connected users (customers, dealers, distributors, external stakeholders, etc.) to access the configurator forms and build to order.


Our Driveworks CPQ project offerings include 

  • Designing user interface with forms for configurator

  • Integrating with external database

  • 3D Interactive dynamic visuals / model

  • Realtime / live pricing updates 

  • Driveworks Live Setup and Deployment

Online Configure-Price-Quote CPQ


Interactive 3D online models

If you prefer to have configurable interactive and dynamic 3D models  as a part of your configurator forms for enhanced user experience, we optimize the 3D models that are compatible with web browsers and with controlled, secure user access.


We will optimize CAD files to generate Driveworks native Drive 3D models for real-time visualization of configured details through the forms. 

Our Driveworks projects with visualization can include environments, scenes, materials, textures and custom lighting.


Within Driveworks projects, we can implement guided data journeys within defined, smart workflows by engaging different applications. We build intuitive visual editors for tasks to generate and share technical or commercial files as required by stakeholders. 

With powerful security features, we setup controlled access to required teams and users for a toolbox of defined tasks and action triggers with relevant approvals.

We map out a streamlined process allowing integration with external databases, export and import of static files and data using web services for seamless processes through connected business systems.

Driveworks Macro Workflow
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