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SOLIDWORKS is our forte and our primary CAD platform where we use the best-in-class design methodologies and approach.


Our goal is to build the 3D files that work across the organization by taking into consideration the utilization of the files by design teams, manufacturing, suppliers, contractors, purchasing or even business managers.


2D Drawings conversion to 3D models

Offload the effort of converting heaps of legacy data, engineering sketches and 2D drawings to the experts and avail well modelled and structured 3D CAD files. We can take up the existing drawings in any format from a napkin hand sketch to 2D AutoCAD files and convert that to intelligent, fully parametric, configurable 3D CAD data. 


SOLIDWORKS has some inbuilt tools that can help with data translation from 2D to 3D but may not necessarily be seamless and error free. Our experts understand the nuances and with our experience on multiple CAD platforms, we can predict what properties can be converted and what needs to be worked on.


SolidVectors provides a turnkey solution for your designs. We can take your design, create 3D Models that can be used to generate production ready 2D drawings which are fully associative to the models and will automatically reflect any changes made to the 3D models. The detailing is completed by team members who have real life experience in the manufacturing industry and understand the requirements of a 2D drawing based on the industry needs. We build 3D CAD files with

  • Fully defined and dimensioned sketches and models

  • Parts and sub-assemblies assemblies well structured 

  • Features grouped as per industry standards

  • Optimized large files for reduced rebuild times

Solidworks design 3D modelling CAD Drafting


Engineering CAD Modelling Drafting

Because design automation and Driveworks implementation are a big part of our business, we model the designs with automation capability of the model at the forefront. Not every model is created equal and not every model is suitable for automation of the design. Keeping the driving rules in mind, whether it is the design tables/excel that is driving the automation or DriveWorks, the models have to be generated a certain way and SolidVectors team has expertise in both. The models we create would be best suited for automation of the design as per your requirements. 

Your success is our success!

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