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With an extensive experience in SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation, we can offer a range of services with data organization, control and collaboration.


We can recommend and implement simple or advanced systems and processes depending on the organizational utilization of CAD files


SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation and workflows

Our specialist team will help implement SOLIDWORKS PDM either individually or as a combined Distributed Data Management system.


Implementation of SOLIDWORKS PDM includes:

  • Information workflow analysis

  • Business systems analysis (for integration)

  • Installation planning

  • Data vaults creation and backups

  • Establishing user groups, logins and permissions 

  • Data cards and search capabilities

  • Column and BOM (Bill of Material) views

  • Workflows with Tasks and notifications

  • File and folder templates

  • Legacy Data migration


We analyse the requirements of the business to determine the construction of the workflows. With an understanding of the required revision schemes and approval levels, we setup task automation for approval processes within the workflows to ensure correct files and versions which are accessed by the right users with relevant approvals.

Triggers are deployed for product release and change management processes, with parallel workflows and automatic transitions that help to formalize and manage Engineering Change Requests (ECR)

Custom CAD Data Workflows setup


CAD Data integration macros and custom API

Whether you use SOLIDWORKS, Driveworks, AutoCAD or any other platform, data integration and  communication can be achieved for enterprise scalability with PDM, macros or API programs.

We know how to harness the potential of advanced data management applications with custom-built code that will have easy and secure access to CAD systems as well as other data platforms and adapt to your desired workflows immediately. 

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