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We provide custom training on SOLIDWORKS, Driveworks and AutoCAD on fundamentals as well as best design practices which are specific to your business need, using your own or most relevant 3D models.


CAD Training SOLIDWORKS Driveworks AutoCAD

We scope out your design needs by understanding the workflows and analysing the outputs that are used by end users. We can then recommend the modelling approach and structures for 3D CAD and format the training content accordingly.

Most of the standard training courses cover the fundamentals but don't necessarily cover the best practices and certain advanced features that may be relevant for your business. 

Our trainers have the experience and insight to identify the areas of importance and tailor the training course to focus on the relevant aspects.


Our training course is structured into fundamentals and advanced lessons, depending on the current skill level and previous experience of the attendees. 

The training duration is then proposed with a detailed topic-wise duration (in hours) which is spread over multiple days. The dates are mutually agreed depending on your preferences, team availability and business commitments.


We allocate more training time on the focus areas that are deemed necessary for business use. The custom training is conducted with CAD models that are most relevant for the business or on your own existing models.

Engineering CAD Training by Solid Vectors


Solidworks custom training

Our training services are tailored to business needs and attendees' skill levels which makes it hard to have a generic price structure.

The training services are charged on 'per day' basis and not 'per person' making it a preferred choice for companies to train a team.


The training attendees will need to have access to a computer with specifications recommended for running SOLIDWORKS and an active license of SOLIDWORKS installed during the course of the training.

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