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We can repurpose you CAD files to render high resolution photo quality images and animations on platforms like Keyshot and 3DS Max 


With 3D rendered images and animations you can present your product to customers and partners with life-like visual appeal even before your product is actually manufactured or without any professional photo-shoots.

We produce renders that are vibrant and realistic and brings your vision to life. We convert your 2D sketches, AutoCAD drawings or 3D data to CAD files that are imported into powerful programs like Keyshot, 3DS Max or SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Our digital artists are wizards with these tools and have a great understanding of photography with composition, lights, angles, textures, space, colours and geometry. 

We make sure to understand the purpose of rendered images and genertae ouputs that best suit the objective whether it is for technical approval, advertising, proposals or more. 

Our designers can make products stand out with or without backgrounds or environments. We categorize our rendering projects based on your requirement and purpose of the output files.

  • Image Size and Resolution: Determined depending on the application of the images. For example 2500 x 2500 pixel size for catalogues, email marketing, website content, blogs, etc. or 3500 x 3500 pixel size for hoardings, baners, etc.

  • Product only Images: Images rendered for the product with transparent background or with a dark, light or color gradient backdrop

  • Product with Static Background: Images rendered for product with a static high resolution picture background. Lighting effects and composition on product defined to blend with the image background

  • Product in a 3D Environment: Images rendered with a 3D file of a product placed within a 3D Environment including elements modelled specifically for the purpose of replicating real-life application of the product 




Study existing data and requirements to analyse the technical and engineering nuances of the product


3D models will be assigned  layouts, positions, textures and 3D Environment's elements will be listed


Low resolution images with the planned layouts for renders shared for each view to get client feedback


Feedback actioned for any edits to be made until approval before triggering final render passes


Agreed image size and video length output files delivered to specification as per agreed scope



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