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Our key value proposition is delivering the smartest, most efficient outputs from talented, experienced engineering designers using a well defined process that has been appreciated by our customers for punctuality, transparency and quality.


Solid Vectors CAD talent

Our team of designers have years of experience with Solidworks, Driveworks, AutoCAD, Keyshot, 3DS Max and many other tools. Some of our key staff have had the honour of presiding over regional SOLIDWORKS user communities and training CAD teams of some of the largest Engineering companies in the world.

Two key points that emphasize our expertise that you can consider are

  • Our in-depth knowledge of the software will ensure you get the most out of the models we create. 

  • Industry specific experience with focus. on maximising the manufacturability, sustainability and repurposing CAD files from concept to delivery with improved profitability.


We understand the anxiety of contracting your engineering design projects to third party service providers. Transparency and Integrity  are our core busienss values and we ensure to maintain transparent, professional and healthy communication with our customers to provide you with project updates and for clarifications. 

All projects are mapped out on a time-line with milestones and deliverables which are shared with clients as a mutually agreed scope of work.


Project cost is distributed with each milestone making the it easy to make payments along the duration of the project with tangible deliverables agreed in the scope.

CAD Project Plan mapping


CAD Project Gantt Chart

We use cloud based interactive platforms to update the project status. You can review the project activities and gain real time project status with estimates towards completion of individual milestones.

You can also view and track all your Invoices online.

Using the best-in-class project management and reporting tools, we can ensure we keep you abreast of all the developments in your project and give you comprehensive reports.


We maintain the highest standards of data confidentiality. Our standard engagement process begins with a signed NDA before any data is shared even for submitting a proposal. Data is strictly accessible only to the team member or contractor who is involved in the project.

Pricing is estimated based on the project scope after understanding the requirement. Though we have some very unique business propositions, we strive to offer you the best bang for the buck. With teams and contractors in 3 different continents, we can offer a fast turn-around and a highly competitive price, ultimately delivering a quick and very reasonably priced contracting project. 

CAD Project Pricing
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